The Beginning

3 Nov

I really didn’t think that I would be diagnosed with PCOS at 23 years old. I’ve always loved children and knew one day I would want to have them. That one day was going to be early for me because as my husband and I discussed it, we wanted children pretty young. We got married and decided that we would wait about a year before trying to get pregnant. About 3 months into our marriage my husband opened the subject of children again. He told me he really wanted them soon, and we should at least start thinking about trying. After hearing that some of my family members had problems with fertility, I decided that its better safe than sorry to try and start having children. Meaning I would rather have kids earlier than that one year mark instead of waiting a year and finding out I have fertility issues. I have always had problems with my period when I was much younger before being put on birth control to help me with the pain and over bleeding. We decided to stop birth control and see what happens.

I gave my body about a month to get off of birth control properly before really trying everything possible to conceive. We read all those pregnancy blogs about tips and hints on how to higher your chances of getting pregnant sooner. By that point I had been a little scared to get pregnant right away and at the same time was really excited to hear the news that I was pregnant. I mean im 23 years old, the height of fertility; I am only bound to get pregnant right away, right?

That first month we tried our best to conceive, I didn’t get my period on time. I knew I was pregnant, I could just feel it. I didn’t have all the pregnancy symptoms, but I did have some that made me believe I must be pregnant. About 6 days before I was supposed to get my period (based on when I got it the month before) I got really bad pain in my lower right side. I thought it was definitely my appendix. The pain was so excruciating, I felt like something was bursting inside me. I woke my husband up telling him I can’t take the pain; I must go to the hospital. He had work in a few hours, so he called his brother to see if he was up and could take me. His brother came and picked me up about 10 minutes later and rushed to the ER. Hospitals in Kuwait are not like the U.S. where they have ER staff that could take of any emergency possible. They have specific hospitals for people that have serious injuries, and hospitals that just have doctors on staff, you come and get regular checkups etc. When I came into the ER which consisted of all 5 rooms and one general doctor there, I was placed in a room about 30 minutes after arriving. By that point the pain was getting a little worse. The doctor came in and did a checkup, asked a few questions. I then looked at him and told him I think it’s my appendix. He first sent me to a gynecologist, who decided to do an ultrasound to see if I was pregnant. My heart was beating so fast, I was wondering if I was going to get the news I wanted to hear so bad. I am pregnant. I knew my husband was going to be ecstatic. The doctor came in, put the cool gel on my lower abdomen and then rubbed the gel all over with the ultrasound machine. “You are not pregnant” she said. My heart sank into my stomach. I thought that those 25 days of trying so hard worked. I knew that my husband was going to be sad. I then thought to myself, maybe it’s too early to see a fetus. Could that be true? I made myself believe that there is still a chance that I could be pregnant, no matter how small the chance. The doctor then sent me back down to be diagnosed again with whatever pain I was feeling. The doctor decided that we needed another technician to come and get me checked out. After getting an ultra sound technician to come in in the middle of the night, they took me upstairs to get my pain checked out.

She walked in, and did the same thing the gynecologist did. Put the cool gel, spread the gel, and was judging what she was seeing. At that point I was tired, in pain, and emotionally bummed to say the least from what I had just heard. “Has anyone ever told you you have cysts in your right ovaries?” the technician asked. “No.” I responded quickly while surprised with her question. “Have you ever had pain in your sides before?” “Yes I have” I answered without knowing where exactly she was going with all these questions. They then sent my file back to my gynecologist who then looked at my file and came back in to talk to me. She walked in and said, I don’t know how I missed this, but apparently you might have a cyst in your right ovary. Might? What does might mean I asked myself. I was so frustrated with how confused everyone was there. Can someone just figure out why I’m in so much pain? “The good news is that it’s not your appendix. I will give you pain meds and you will need to make an appointment with a gynecologist here to get your cyst checked out.” She told me it shouldn’t be a problem, and it will go away by itself. I went home with the overwhelming feeling of what just happened.

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