4 Nov

We got the results back and he’s good. I know i thought before i might feel bad if the problem all stemed from me, but to be honest it was a huge sigh of relief that he was fine. I am happy that he never has to feel what i feel, and now if i just get myself back on a normal cycle we can try to conceive.

PCOS or PCOD? Does it even make a difference...

My husband went to do some testing for himself yesterday before i start the shots. I’ve been a nervous wreck ever since then waiting for the results. I am so torn inside because a part of me wishes i’m not the only one thats broken, the only one that could be blamed for all of our problems conceiving; yet at the same time i hope and pray so hard that there isn’t something wrong with him because that hurts our overall chances of conceiving all together. What a bad a bitter feeling to be inside of you. It’s such a daunting feeling that i’m just trying to completely wash out so that i don’t have to think about it. It’s just simply a waiting game now…

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