Hair loss, Pregnancy Test and Torture

25 Nov

I’ve been staying away from the blog for the past week or so because I am trying to stop thinking about everything that’s going wrong with my body. I’m so frustrated because last week I went to the dermatologist to talk about my hair that fell out a few years ago when I got very sick. It just has never grown back normally again so I wanted to see my options. The second I told him I’m doing fertility treatments he told me that I might lose more hair from the treatments I’m doing. I just looked at him with a blank face and said great. I get usually pretty sarcastic when I’m upset and overwhelmed. Guess what happened a few days later? My hair has been falling out in chunks. Literally. How? I haven’t even begun my fertility treatments yet because I’ve been waiting for Mother Nature to arrive. It hasn’t, I didn’t ovulate so now I have to take primolut to get it. Frustration doesn’t even begin to explain what’s happening with me. And to top it all off, I went today to get a CT scan for my sinuses and they asked me to go get a pregnant test done just incase since I’m past my period date. Then the receptionist grinned so big and kept staring at me and said so well be congratulating you huh! And all I wanted to say is…no don’t do this to me. You don’t get it I can’t be pregnant, I can’t even get pregnant. Here I am in the waiting room waiting for the results while probably more hair is falling out. Cheers to that.

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