Checkin in

4 Jan

I’ve been missing lately for many good reasons. A) I finally landed in DC and was enjoying the holidays with my family and friends. B) My father also talked me into seeing an ENT because I need surgery on my deviated septum but I didn’t think I would have time to do it and recover…and low and behold I was told that I did so I had surgery on Friday. The surgery was more complicated than I thought it would be and recovery took much longer than usual. I’m just starting to feel okay now and moving around. Ever since Friday I’ve been knocked out on oxicodone not being able to breathe and gushing out blood. I actually had to run into the ER twice because my nose wouldn’t stop bleeding and so on. I also went to see my gynecologist which completely pissed me off because she knew that I was coming in from overseas to see her concerning my recent diagnoses and asked the nurses to make sure I had more than enough time with her to do what needs to get done because I don’t have much time to stay in the states. When I began telling her about my cycles she kept looking at me and telling me ok but remember just because you didn’t get your period doesn’t mean you didn’t ovulate. I look at her and I’m like ok what are you trying to get at? I told her she would do progesterone tests on me an that they came low an that means I didn’t ovulate. I felt like she didn’t know what she was talking about. She then told me that I needed to do endometrial biopsy, and when she looked at my cycle she told me that the day after wa the last day todo for me. Like ok, which means you should do it for me today or tomorrow. Tomorrow? I had surgery in the afternoon and then she had surgery in the morning. She just wouldn’t work with me or do anything. I literally walked out feeling so disregarded and ignored when I had traveled half way across the world to get treatment. After lots of tears they finally gave me an appointment for tomorrow morning, which meant I’m having a biopsy and and surgery on the same day. I also was finally able to after 5 different rejections, get an appointment in with a specialist at shady grove fertility center. When I went in yesterday she told me that usually with women like me it could require upto 20 shots needed In order to get me to ovulate. She also told me pregnancy is not out of the question but that it might take some time. Also, IVF might be necessary because sometimes with younger women they can’t get the correct numbers together to release the right amount of embryos. I was happy, overwhelmed, freaked out. Lots of things all together. I went to see a therapist today to talk a little more about my diagnosis and everything that I’ve been going through. I kept thinking of all the women that are struggling through PCOS with me on this blog…I kept feeling as if I was talking to all of you. My healing process. Trying to slowly heal and move forward and hopefully be able to start a family, god willing. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and Christmas!

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