Flying Back

16 Jan

So here’s my deal so far. I’m leaving tomorrow to head back to Kuwait and I’m a little nervous. I talked to my specialist about my lab results today and if she had found anyone in Kuwait yet that she could trust with getting my fertility treatments done there. So far she told me she hasn’t found any. There’s a new facility that just opened in Abu Dhabi, but we can’t go there and do treatment because ill have to be getting shots and be monitored for about 2 weeks she said. I’m scared that I won’t find a trustworthy doctor and that ill have to put off the treatment until we come back to visit again at the end of march. I’m just a little bummed about potentially putting off two more months as well as I’m not really sure what to do with my periodsless body at the moment if i don’t end up doing treatment. Is it healthy to stay two months without a period? Everything I read said no. Higher potential of endometrial cancer later on? Don’t know, and to be completely frank there is not a bit that I can stand about my body when I don’t get my period. I literally want to crawl out of my skin. Everything is off, everything hurts, and it just keeps reminding me that I’m not normal. The good thing is that all my test results came back normal except my AMH, it was 8.5 when it’s suppose to be between 3-5 at the most. This just further confirms my diagnosis she told me. What now? Not really sure, so much will be played by ear.
So I ended up talking to a close friend about what’s happening with me, about an hour into the conversation she tells me that she’s had similar symptoms to me and that “gut feeling” that something is of but she wasn’t really sure what it could be. My heart sank for her, because I feel like there’s a bigger chance that its PCOS than its not. I really hope it’s not.
Anyways, packing and getting ready to head back I’m so tired already. May the future be bright with lots of babies for everyone.

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