19 Jan

I am soo happy because I actually found a doctor here who knows what he’s doing. I’m actually gonna start treatment and I cant believe it. I feel like a new day has started since I finally took the first pill of primolut to get my period. I’m feeling a little bit more of woman now that something is actually happening in my body. The doctor was so professional and knew exactly what I needed to get done just like my specialist told me in the states. my husband is a total Kuwaiti man, when I had first discussed with him about male specialists he told me no way that would happen and just to try and find a female doctor. I came here and everytime I would do research I only found male specialists! I was frustrated and finally told him yesterday that this is all I’m finding and that as much as its uncomfortable for me too, I really want to get working on this baby thing. He told me okay, let’s go and check it out first. I called and found an appointment for today, we went and he told me he needed to do an ultrasound, I semi panicked and wondered if the hubs would be falling apart. As soon as the doctor came in he was such a gentleman and asked me if I wanted my husband with me and I told him yes. My husband came in and everything went okay. When he was doing the ultrasound on me I saw my ovaries and the polycysts were so clear, the clearest I had ever seen them. He told me also that I’m underweight, and that I should try to gain a little bit of weight, but how can I while I’m constantly feeling nausea?? When we left I asked my husband if he was okay with it all and he said he’s I’m totally fine with him because he knows what he’s doing and because he also was very respectful while doing the ultrasound, which is very important for Arab men, especially. They are very overprotective and sensitive about any men getting close to their wives in any way. Anyways, I’m finally starting another month, I just cant wait to hopefully ovulate this month whether it results in a pregnancy or not. I feel blessed and ready. And the doctor finally explained to me why ive been feeling so nauseous, it’s because of the metformin, my god it makes me sick!!
Ready as ever, hopefully my period won’t take 5 days to come this time 🙂

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