Cyst..One big ass cyst that is suffocating my life

3 Feb

I went for my follow up today after 5 injections done at home. I had a lot of pain on my left side, but didnt write about it until I found out what was going on. I thought it was a little swelling in my left ovary and that it wasnt a big deal. When I walked in I told him just so u know ive been having my period on and off, I dont know whats going on. I hadnt even told him about the pain. He told me okay lets do an ultrasound. As soon as he started I saw a huge black thing in the middle of my uterus. Was it a baby sac? Nope…it was the biggest cyst I had ever seen. He told me that there is nothing happening on my right side, so not enough meds to induce any ovulations, and my left..well…he couldnt even see it from my cyst. He told me we must stop treatment right away and wait for the cyst to disappear. He said thats so weird, through all my years of doing this ive never seen an ovary react that way. And he kept saying it so it freaked me out. He said lets check up again after a week to see how the cyst is doing, and if by any chance there are one or two follicles growing on the left side. Truth? I dont think anything is happening on the left if there isnt on the right. Truth? This sucks ass. I really was looking forward to one normal month. Just normal. Now im in excruciating pain and this cycle is a bust. I just want one cycle when im not waiting more than 3 weeks to restart. Im just really hurt and struggling with it all.

3 Responses to “Cyst..One big ass cyst that is suffocating my life”

  1. springchicken2 February 4, 2013 at 5:02 am #

    How frustrating! That does suck ass. I’m so sorry. If it’s any comfort, my last cycle had completely no action on my right ovary and 3 follicles on the left… So it is still possible that the left is doing something! I hope your pain subsides soon!

    • bloggerkuwait February 5, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

      That actually does comfort me even though I’m not trying to get my hopes up. Sometimes we just have to mourn a cycle and that’s what I’m going through. Thanks for your words of encouragement, they really helped 🙂

  2. needbabydee February 9, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Hi, so sorry! Yeah sometimes we have to deal with our disappointments, even though we wish we didn’t have to. Lots of baby dust and I hope this is the year for us all 🙂

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