Cut in half- Double up

12 Apr

I got a call 3 days ago to lower my dosage of menopur because my levels were too high. Today I got a phone call saying that I need to double both my gonal f and menopur. Menopur is 112iu now and gonal f is 75iu. She told me that my levels are too low right now, but to somewhat not worry yet. Honestly, I’m worried sick because I’m not sure what’s going on. I also had a problem with my AC for two days and had the house really hot (88f) and just remembered that all my meds were not in the fridge. What If that messed up the medication? What if I messed up the dosage? What if my levels won’t go up? So many what ifs…and it doesn’t help that I have really bad anxiety when I take the shots. This is so irritating..

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