Egg Retrieval

23 Apr

Sunday’s retrieval went very well…and my doctor took out 50 eggs. Yes, I’m an official chicken. No wonder I have been in so so much pain. After my retrieval I didn’t feel any relief at all, I still felt so sore, bloated and in so much pain. They told me that I should bleed significantly due to the 50 punctures I have, but so far not a spot thank god. The bad news is that I thought that I was done with needles but due to my high number of eggs and chance of OHSS they switched me to progesterone oil which is injected with a big needle in your backside. Ouch! I have been losing a few pounds everyday and feeling a little better which is good news about OHSS. There were 32 mature eggs, and 24 have fertilized. I know everyday a few more will stop, but hopefully I will not need to do IVF again. My doctor called me today to check on me and tell me how lucky I was that there was a lupron trigger, because I would have most likely ended up in the hospital from OHSS. She also told me that she’s seen so many women with different infertility cases, but that by far mine has been the weirdest and most severe case of PCOS. I’m so happy to have had the retrieval over and now feeling better. For what I know, we will be doing a transfer on Friday, the day the hubs leaves back to Kuwait. Honestly, these last couple of days have been a nightmare with pain…looking back I know why I could barely sleep, use the restroom or even walk due to the amount of follicles growing inside of me. Thank you for all your prayers, I carried them with me into the procedure room. I also pray that things continue to go well, because if this transfer doesn’t work, I can kiss a few months goodbye before trying again because I won’t be able to stay another 2 months to do another transfer. It makes me so sad and scared, that I just want to transfer two just incase but my doctor highly doesn’t recommend it. I have put all my faith in God, and continue to do so. I thank you all again, for your thoughts and prayers ❤

3 Responses to “Egg Retrieval”

  1. SM April 24, 2013 at 12:04 am #

    Fingers crossed, friend!!

  2. Fertility Doll April 30, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    50 eggs! I didn’t even know that’s possible! Go ovaries! ❤

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