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What’s been happening?

26 Jun

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and it’s because I’ve been too busy being so tired and trying to find a new apartment. As soon as I arrived I talked to my husband about relocating because I was never really happy with our current apartment and now I can’t imagine continuing my pregnancy here. First issue: sunlight doesn’t hit the rooms we sit in and we really really need that. I am so easily affected by my environment, and quickly became depressed when I moved here over a year ago. Also, we have to walk up long straits that exhaust me! Good enough reasons for me! Anyways, we finally found a place with big windows that will allow lots of sunlight, woohoo! I had my 10 week ultrasound a week ago in order to make sure everything is ok before stopping progesterone & estrogen. Oh how amazing was it to stop progesterone! No more panty liners please! Bambino was doing just fine…and wiggling and moving on screen as usual. Heartbeat was a stable 165, didn’t really go up much since my 8 week ultrasound. Now I’m getting ready to move, as well as have my 12 week check up to first stop metaformin and second to make sure everything is ok before announcing this pregnancy to the rest of my family members.
I unfortunately have found out that I also will more than likely give birth here. Actually, its like a 95% that I will be giving birth here. Giving birth in the states means that I will be staying atleast 3 months there which my husband cannot take off of work to do. How can I not have him there through the rest of the pregnancy and possibility of missing birth? I can never do that. My parents have made a fuss of it, but I will not have him missing anything. So here I am, now praying baby continues to be safe and that I will be able to give birth in the best possible location for my baby. The 12 week scan is this sunday, and I pray to god everything goes well so we can finally share the news with the rest of my family and closest friends.

Home Sweet Home

8 Jun

Hi everyone, I have been meaning to update for a while but I have been so absolutely jetlagged that I barely even function now. On the flight back to Kuwait, it was rather…interesting. The flight was almost booked, and there were a few rows that were empty except for one person sitting there, luckily I was one of them. When I checked in I told them that I would have to get up every two hours and just didn’t want to have to bother anyone sleeping next to me, so they gave me an empty row, how nice of them! I got also wheelchair service because in the transit you must walk up and down a long flight of stairs while carrying your carry on and I couldn’t do that, so that definitely helped. The crappy news? I was the ONLY row on the flight that the arm rests couldn’t go up. I know most people don’t get that luxury and I shouldn’t complain about it…but it’s like waving water at a thirty person. I was dying! I just wanted at least an hour of restful sleep…in between having to get up every two hours to walk, and getting so nauseas that I was going to throw up 7 times, it was a really difficult flight. I was starving, but couldn’t eat anything from how sick I felt! I kissed the ground when I arrived because it was simply put, too much for bambino and I. The next day, I had an appointment with the gynecologist that first diagnosed me with PCOS. I disappeared about 6 months ago from her once I realized that this diagnosis was much more serious than I had thought, and that her help couldn’t be used anymore, I needed an RE. She looked at me and said “wow, you look a lot better than last time”, well…no shit because last time I literally was losing every ounce of control and patience that I had, I felt like my dream of a family was slipping right in between my fingers. I’ve had nightmares from this hospital, from my initial diagnosis to my treatment that failed for almost 5 months with her, it was a debilitating time. It was so weird being back. And you might ask, what in your right mind would bring you to go back there? Simply put, it’s hard to find a good doctor, and she was good enough to diagnose me with something that sometimes takes years for doctors to pick up, and also, because my husbands insurance works with the hospital and also it is 2 min from my house. I sucked it up, and went. After my horrible flight, I expected bambino to have paid the price for my lack of sleep, lack of eating and my cursing of living daylight for about 15 hours. Let me tell you… This is the first time that I didn’t have to show my hoo ha! I was taking off my pants and the nurse goes…no not required. I’m like umm ok but I’m too early on to have a regular ultrasound? I listened anyways, and apparently I’m not. She picked up bambino right away, he obviously looked like a big blob on screen instead of clearer through a vaginal ultrasound which made me sad but I accepted it. The heart rate also went up…from 152 4 days before to 164! I’m so proud if bambino…so so proud! It was also my husbands first time meeting bambino…and as she was finding the heartbeat my husband stood mesmerized by the screen…his baby…with his/her heartbeat. He definitely melted, as did I.
Sleep. It’s all I want, and it’s all I cannot get. When I arrived, I slept at 12, woke up at 4am to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep until 8am! Which meant that I slept until 5pm. And my sleep has been off ever since then, and absolutely not one restful nights sleep until last night when I finally caved in and took unisom natural nights that includes B6, calcium, and 2.5 mg of melatonin. I have been hesitant to take it because I’m not sure if melatonin is safe, but I kept reading that under 5mg should be fine. I hope it is..because I took it again now so I can sleep..I hate not bring able to sleep!! Other than all of this…bambino and I are safely home with my husband. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve seen him and since he’s been able to be next to bambino…I’m really happy for my husband and I to finally be in Kuwait and feel at peace. This is the first time in over a year that I havnt hated being here, and I know that it all stems from my PCOS.