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Week 32 Scare

26 Nov

Oh it’s been a rough week you guys. Things were going smooth and well on my end until Tuesday of last week. We had a massive storm hit Kuwait that caused flooding everything. Problem is, it started an hour before we all left work, and it had already done its damage by the time we left. The road that I was on was all backed up that a 20 minute commute took me over 2 hours. I was scared from the flooding that I saw all around me, that truly I was just frustrated the entire way home. Then I got home, and got upset at hubby for not cleaning the house while I was on my way home, which caused a big fight between us. This whole day, and the tension that was caused during my drive home, I started feeling intense back and stomach pain. At 2 am, I got in the car and headed to the hospital. They hooked me up to the machine that measures contractions and I had maybe 4 in a 20 minute time span. So what did the genius doctor decide was best for me? She said i’ll give you pain killer and then you can decide if you would like to be checked in or not. Are you kidding me?! You see that I am 32 weeks pregnant, and I am having contractions, and all you can give me is a pain killer? She didn’t even do an examination from down under or a sonogram to determine if I am dilated or not. Oh, doctors here in the middle east. Ofcourse I had to make my own decision of getting checked into the hospital. The nurses were monitoring me constantly on the contractions machine so I was calm until my doctor came in that morning. By that point, my mother in law had arrived, and I was worried sick that I was going to go into early labor. I asked my doctor if they could have been Braxton hicks contractions, and she told me no, that they were too consistent and close to eachother, so that just meant that I need to be monitored a bit longer with them. She said that she prefers that I take the steroid shot for my daughters lungs, incase suddenly, I started going into early labor very quickly. so I listened to her, because the last thing I needed was my daughters health to be in jeopardy. I stayed in the hospital for another night, and was constantly monitored. That last night I leaked a bit. what came out was a bit watery discharge, that I genuinely thought my water broke. I even looked into the nurse’s eyes and was teary and distraught and said to her “isn’t 32 weeks too early?”. All I wanted to hear back was No, she will be just fine I guarantee it! But she couldn’t say that, no one could. She looked at me and said, honey everything will be just fine. But you don’t know that. You just don’t. I started panicking again, waiting for another trickle to come down that I know for sure that that was my water, but that didn’t happen, because I went right to sleep after that. I woke up the next morning scared, waiting to see what will happen next. so far, no contractions on the machine…but that doesn’t mean that my water hasn’t broken. an hour after waking up I finally felt it, that next trickle. I called the nurse in and told her, and my doctor wanted me to go see her at her office downstairs right away. After a cervical check, and an amniotic fluid check, she cleared me. No worries dear, theres water all around her head, and the test is negative for amniotic fluid. Also, she took a swab to make sure that I didn’t have an infection of any kind, and I believe that came back a few days later negative. I took a few days off work to rest after this horrible ordeal. As badly as I wanted to meet her, my little angel, how could I be so selfish and want her then when she will be the one harmed, and most likely in the NICU? I couldn’t, just couldn’t shake the fact that my family isn’t here yet. I couldn’t shake the fact that she would probably be in NICU, and I just couldn’t shake the fact that her safety was in jeopardy. I also hadn’t finished preparing my hospital bag, which as soon as I felt better started working on right away again. The problem with my hospital bag is this, you’re not just preparing a regular bag that you and your baby need, no. Here in Kuwait, instead of your baby shower ahead of time, your family throws you a baby shower at the hospital, the day after you give birth. You must prepare your nice nightdown to wear, choose the flowers and decoration for your very expensive room that you pay for, prepare the candy, the hors d’oeuvres, the drinks, etc. etc. It is a big event. And even though my mother in law promised to invite only a few, and the closest to us, my husbands families on both sides on their own are a lot, and regardless of the situation it will be very overwhelming for me. First of all, who said that I want to do my hair and makeup the day after  I give birth? And who said that I want to see everyone and their mother also, after I push my daughter out of my hoo-haa? Sigh. This has put everything in perspective, and now I am trying to finish and prepare everything with my mother in law as soon as possible before this, God forbids, happens again before my family arrives.

Hang in there little one. Until exactly one month from now, then you can come out to play whenever you want 🙂

31 Weeks…Woah!

12 Nov

I know, I have been so horrible at updating its ridiculous. I literally logged in and realized that the last time I wrote anything was when I was 26 weeks pregnant. like, 5 weeks ago! I am horrible at all of this, mostly because theres so much going on, that I can barely keep up with waking up and going to work everyday. Promise, will try to be better 🙂 And as for her nursery, I will be doing an update as soon as I finalize the last details! Almost done!

How far along? 31 weeks, and 2 days

Total weight gain: mmm, at my last appointment 2 weeks ago I had gained over 11 kilos so far, and today I have another appointment. I’m guessing somewhere around 12-13 kilos.

Maternity clothes? It’s the only thing I can wear now, it’s becoming a bit of a burden. Thank god I have purchased a bunch of maternity clothes just in time! Now I feel a lot more comfortable, it was completely necessary.

Stretch marks?  Yes, a few, around my bum.

Sleep: Insomnia has hit the last week or so. I think I am starting to become really anxious about her arrival, that is just coming up so soon. Too many things to do, so many things to be prepared for, mentally and physically.

Best moments the past two weeks: Seeing her on the 4D ultrasound. It was just the most amazing thing ever. Downside? She’s probably gonna change looks wise within the first few weeks of her arrival, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping in general.

Movement:  Yes, some days more than others. But generally, yes.

Food cravings:  Everything I’ve been craving before. Nothing really healthy for you, and I really need to be watching my weight gain the next few weeks as to not go overboard.

Anything making you queasy or sick: same old, anything fishy.

Labor Signs:  No, but some Braxton hicks. Sciatica. Ouch, it hurts & is paralyzing sometimes.

Symptoms:  Exhausted. Feeling so bloated all the time. Swollen feet…they’re huge.

Belly Button in or out?  It’s starting to become an outy for sure! It’s just taken such a weird shape now, that it makes me laugh everytime I look down on it.

Looking forward to: This countdown to be over. I just can’t wait, yet at the same time I am so unbelievably nervous of the responsibility of taking care of another human being. I never want anything to hurt her, and I will always worry about if i’m going to miss anything for a few seconds that could possibly harm her.

Next appointment:  Today. 31 week check up!