31 Weeks…Woah!

12 Nov

I know, I have been so horrible at updating its ridiculous. I literally logged in and realized that the last time I wrote anything was when I was 26 weeks pregnant. like, 5 weeks ago! I am horrible at all of this, mostly because theres so much going on, that I can barely keep up with waking up and going to work everyday. Promise, will try to be better ūüôā And as for her nursery, I will be doing an update as soon as I finalize the last details! Almost done!

How far along? 31 weeks, and 2 days

Total weight gain:¬†mmm, at my last appointment 2 weeks ago I had gained over 11 kilos so far, and today I have another appointment. I’m guessing somewhere around 12-13 kilos.

Maternity clothes?¬†It’s the only thing I can wear now, it’s becoming a bit of a burden. Thank god I have purchased a bunch of maternity clothes just in time! Now I feel a lot more comfortable, it was completely necessary.

Stretch marks?  Yes, a few, around my bum.

Sleep: Insomnia has hit the last week or so. I think I am starting to become really anxious about her arrival, that is just coming up so soon. Too many things to do, so many things to be prepared for, mentally and physically.

Best moments the past two weeks:¬†Seeing her on the 4D ultrasound. It was just the most amazing thing ever. Downside? She’s probably gonna change looks wise within the first few weeks of her arrival, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping in general.

Movement:  Yes, some days more than others. But generally, yes.

Food cravings:¬†¬†Everything I’ve been craving before. Nothing really healthy for you, and I really need to be watching my weight gain the next few weeks as to not go overboard.

Anything making you queasy or sick: same old, anything fishy.

Labor Signs:  No, but some Braxton hicks. Sciatica. Ouch, it hurts & is paralyzing sometimes.

Symptoms:¬†¬†Exhausted. Feeling so bloated all the time. Swollen feet…they’re huge.

Belly Button in or out?¬†¬†It’s starting to become an outy for sure! It’s just taken such a weird shape now, that it makes me laugh everytime I look down on it.

Looking forward to:¬†This countdown to be over. I just can’t wait, yet at the same time I am so unbelievably nervous of the responsibility of taking care of another human being. I never want anything to hurt her, and I will always worry about if i’m going to miss anything for a few seconds that¬†could possibly harm her.

Next appointment:  Today. 31 week check up!

2 Responses to “31 Weeks…Woah!”

  1. Lauren November 12, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    Oh, friend! I’ve missed your updates so much! 31 weeks is a huge milestone. I’m so glad baby and mama are growing well ūüôā so sorry about some of the bloating, swelling, and insomnia. I’ve heard that the symptoms toward the end can be miserable. Post pictures soon!

  2. maternalstateofmind November 12, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    Sounds like, aside from a little discomfort, you’re doing great! Im so glad to hear it. Im also thrilled to know that Im not the only one that is getting terrified about the responsibility of being responsible for a new life in this world. Sometimes I feel like our battle with infertility and our strong desire for this means we should be nothing but excited. But, fear is only natural. This is a big freakin deal!

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