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Nursery Pictures

21 Dec

Finally the nursery is pretty much ready enough for me to share! I am SUCH a girlie girl when it comes to baby girls, and I know it’s very much overwhelmingly pink, but I tried to break it a little bit with the green and white 🙂
Enjoy! Xo







36 Weeks, oh my!

18 Dec

Two nights ago, I started having contractions. These weren’t like the contractions I had before, these were the most obvious contractions ever. My back was aching, the pain would start like period pain and rise up my stomach while it made a first. It became rock hard. Phew. Breathe. My husband was asleep, so I decided to time them. Is it time, I thought? I wasn’t sure, so we would wait and see. First contraction that was timed, 13 minutes later the second one happened. 7 minutes later the third one happened, 8 minutes later the fourth one happened. One lasted for over 1 minute, one lasted 24 seconds and another one 54 seconds. They were frequent but inconsistent. They weren’t an exact timing apart from eachother, but they were painful and uncomfortable. It’s about 3am at this point so I decide to call my mother to see what I should do. I am full of energy and feel like this is it! I call her, and she told me to drink chamomile and try to relax, hopefully they would go away. I did just that. I got my chamomile, drank it, and headed for bed. It’s about 4:30am by then.  When I got up the next morning at 10:30, the contractions were much better, but I decided not to go to work and try to figure out what was happening. I sat in my living room for a couple of hours, and by the 3rd hour, I started feeling contractions again. I decided that I should wait it out until I got to my doctors appointment later that day with my doctor. Contractions kept coming and hurting and then finally my appointment came. My doctor checked my cervix, I was 1/2 cm dilated. My cervix was short and soft, and it could literally be any day now. She told me that she doesn’t think i’ll last beyond December, but that some women go through labor really quickly in a short period of time, and some last a few weeks being 1/2 cm dilated. I’m not sure what to do now, and contractions still keep coming. She told me that the REAL contractions, will be so much more painful than this. Wonderful, I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

P.S.-Sorry I havn’t gotten a chance to post up pictures from the nursery, because its still not done! I’ve been waiting for my husband to go and get the curtains hemmed and we have had a rough week and havn’t been able to. Promise to update as soon as we get them done!

35 Weeks & Counting..

8 Dec

It’s been an exhausting few weeks. Ive had contractions here and there, some painful and some not, but it’s put me over the edge and made me really nervous about her arrival being early. I keep telling her to hang in there until atleast my family arrives, because I really would prefer my mother not taking the next flight out and messing up everyone schedule. I really also would prefer her being here from the beginning and not after I have given birth. The nursery is almost done, just a few things that need to be hung up, which hopefully will be done today and then I can post up her nursery pictures. The house is also almost prepared for my family, we needed to buy essential things for them such as shampoo, towels, etc. etc. I also was trying to finish decorating the house the way I wanted to in order to make it nice by the time they come. So a lot of our money has gone to the house and my daughters last minute items that need to be purchased before my parents arrive, and that has put a little pressure on us lately. For now, it’s all said and done, and hopefully theres not much more that needs to be prepared before everyones arrival. The hospital bag is all packed and ready, but I’m waiting for my shipment from my mum for my Gownie, which I ordered but unfortunately they do not ship to Kuwait (how annoying). so I had her ship me my gownie, the matching layette for my daughter, and two outfits for her to wear at the hospital as well. I need to wash all of them up and pack them in the bag, and at that point everything I would need is ready to go. I am getting nervous. I’m feeling as if theres not much longer left. My face & my entire body is all swollen up and everyone tells me that I look like I’ve reached my end mark. I’m torn, because I want her here and yet at the same time I just want her to wait until my family comes. I pray everyday that her health is good, and that is the main and most important thing there is. With all that being said, here is my 35 week update:

How far along? 35 Weeks

Total weight gain: I kind of stayed steady for a few weeks there, but I think ive gained between 14-16 kilos.

Maternity clothes? And nothin’ else 🙂

Stretch marks? Yes, a few, around my bum.

Sleep: Sleep has been on and off. Also, because ive been sick, this really hasn’t helped with my sleeping. It just feels like everything is off these days.

Best moments the past two weeks: Preparing everything for her arrival. There’s nothing more satisfying for a mum than having everything prepared (OCD).

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping in general. and being able to eat whatever my heart desires without worrying about her.

Movement: Yes, everyday. Things are getting cramped up in there, and that’s making her movements a lot more uncomfortable for me, but def not making me less appreciative of them.

Food cravings: Not really anything particular.

Anything making you queasy or sick: same old, anything fishy.

Labor Signs: Yes, some contractions here and there.

Symptoms: Exhausted. and really swollen all over!

Belly Button in or out? It’s an outy. What an ugly little thing 🙂

Looking forward to: My family coming on the 26th of December, and hopefully the healthy arrival of this little angel 🙂

Next appointment: After tomorrow. I am officially hitting the 9 month mark!