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Faye’s 1st Month Update

9 Feb

A month and a half later I am updating! Ha! I am happy to say that she is doing okay. She breast feeds exclusively, and it’s been such a struggle for both of us. I’ve been trying to keep up with eating enough so that my supply doesn’t slow down, but in between feeding I have to choose between eating, sleeping, showering or just plain resting. It’s really difficult. I am happy at least to say her weight gain is normal and on point. She has had gas as most babies do, and we had a little scare with her jaundice. It had been going away and then all of a sudden started having constipation and when we checked at the doctors it had gone up. After a few diet changes her stomach returned to normal and the jaundice started going away again. I decided against giving her vitamin D supplements because I had read a lot about it being barbed abnormally in our bodies, and does more harm than good. I need to start taking her out in the sun soon but as soon as our cold wave is over. This is another thing that I wonder if I’m making the right decision or not. She also had an infection in her right eye, which then healed up well after dripping a few drops of breast milk in her eyes for a few days. Also opted against antibiotics. So far It’s been hard trying to keep her on a schedule, but I’m still working on it. Here are a few picture updates




New Mommy Must Haves

9 Feb

I wanted to give all the new mommas to be my personal opinion on must haves that have saved me so far! This will be a short and sweet version.

-Boob-ease organic nipple cream

This has by far been my favorite purchase! Older folks will tell you to apply olive oil on your nipples for the soreness and pain, now this just makes it a much easier gel! And can I mention my love for it being organic?! Applying something to your nipples that can enter your body or the baby’s, I just love that it’s all natural and all organic. It’s an amazing save, esp those first few weeks of excruciating pain. It got to a point that it would help her latch on better, and the best part? Doesn’t need to be washed off! Forget that lanolin shit.

-Organic cotton breast pads

Comfortable. Durable. Soft. Need I say more?

-Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

If you are planning on breast feeding exclusively, or even partially, this will be your best friend. I reiterate, your best friend. When your milk comes in those first few days, your breasts will become engorged. It will be one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll ever experience. Add to it a crying baby that cannot latch on properly? Simply pump half of it out so that your baby can latch on easily! Wish I knew that beforehand so don’t forget to take the pump with you to the hospital. Best part of it? Sign up for emails through bed bath and beyond and you’ll get 20% off! It is one of the best things I’ve spent my money on, and I still use it everyday to up the amount of milk I am making, and to give me a break from feeding sometimes!

-Avent soothie pacifier

Her favorite. She puts herself to sleep with this pacifier! Lifesaver!

These are my absolute must haves! Everything else has been just okay. Hope this helps any new mommys to be!


9 Feb

Where to begin. It’s been a lot to take in. Let’s start with saying that luckily, I know I’ve had a pretty easy baby. I’ve had a lot of help, and quite honestly I don’t know where I would be without it. The only thing that’s been really difficult are my roller coaster hormones and emotions. I’m sad to admit, I’ve had depression while I was pregnant. I don’t know what it is, being away from my family, from my long time home, from my friends, the hormones…I’m not really sure. My hormones have been the devil inside of me quite honestly. Ever since I’ve gotten off of birth control, it’s just never ever been the same. I reminisce about the days where I was happy with my life, my body didn’t have all these crazy changes, and life was pretty much normal. Even after pregnancy, I don’t know why it’s also been off. Now here I am again, postpartum, and I’m getting my period after one and a half months. And I was bleeding for about a month after delivery. I had maybe a few days free of bleeding since I’ve delivered. The hormones. They are at it again. I am slightly depressed, some days I’m ok and some days I’m just so sensitive about everything and I can’t hold back the tears. It’s been so unbelievably difficult because I feel like I’m in this deep dark hole that I’m not really sure when I’ll get out of it. It’s been almost 2 years now of this, and I’m just tired. I’m tired and frustrated because I’m not enjoying motherhood as much as I should. I want more, I want all I’ve ever dreamed and wished for to be enjoyed. It’s not fair for her or for me. A few of you have mentioned a progesterone only pill that helps. I just wonder if they have it here. I wonder if it will effect my breast milk, and I wonder if I have the heart to start taking it. Some days I feel like I need help, and some days I feel scared and say no I can do this on my own. Yesterday I started reading about vaccines becaus we are fast approaching that 2 month vaccine time, and I started crying. I grabbed her and held her so tightly. Will my decision on your vaccinations affect your life forever or not? Should I not overthink it and just go with the flow and pray every single day that you continue to grow and thrive and communicate well. Or should I fight it, and read more? The problem is we travel overseas, will I forgive myself if she contracts something deadly and again gets effected for the rest of her life? What to do? I just kept crying. I couldn’t sleep, and I’m still so scared till now and forever will be. 1 in 4 I think now is diagnosed with autism. My heart aches for these decisions, and the fear of hurting her without realizing. New moms, can you please tell me what you have done? What are your personal opinions on this?

Mixed Bag of Emotions

5 Feb

Please forgive me for not getting back to each of you yet. It’s been really hectic and busy, if love to find even 5 minutes for myself to relax. Lots has happened in the last month and half or so. I’ve been getting used to motherhood, adjusting from the hormones, the weight and body changes, and getting used to my daughter and trying to figure out her personality from what she likes and doesn’t. My parents left, and last but not least I moved into my in laws house. It’s taken some time to adjust to all the changes (and I’m not sure whether that many changes is good or bad), but so far I’ve been ok. Hormones are wack! Reminds me of my infertility days. The shots, the pills, and the downright low levels that made me so blue. Some days I’m good, and some days I feel unattached and really sad. This has been hard. It’s been hard trying to figure out hoe my body will be after all has been said and done. I’m not sure if breast feeding is enough to adjust my hormone levels or I need help. And what kind of help can I get either way? Birth control cuts off your milk completely, so I guess I will try to just stick it out on my own. Ahh motherhood, what can I say. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, and I’m oh so grateful for the most precious gift one can get, but it’s a mixed bag of emotions in the beginning. I will save that for the next post, and will create a new post just on my daughter and how she’s adjusting soon. But for now I wanted to leave you with a little something since I’ve been Mia for so long. Please forgive dear friends, will update soon xo