New Mommy Must Haves

9 Feb

I wanted to give all the new mommas to be my personal opinion on must haves that have saved me so far! This will be a short and sweet version.

-Boob-ease organic nipple cream

This has by far been my favorite purchase! Older folks will tell you to apply olive oil on your nipples for the soreness and pain, now this just makes it a much easier gel! And can I mention my love for it being organic?! Applying something to your nipples that can enter your body or the baby’s, I just love that it’s all natural and all organic. It’s an amazing save, esp those first few weeks of excruciating pain. It got to a point that it would help her latch on better, and the best part? Doesn’t need to be washed off! Forget that lanolin shit.

-Organic cotton breast pads

Comfortable. Durable. Soft. Need I say more?

-Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

If you are planning on breast feeding exclusively, or even partially, this will be your best friend. I reiterate, your best friend. When your milk comes in those first few days, your breasts will become engorged. It will be one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll ever experience. Add to it a crying baby that cannot latch on properly? Simply pump half of it out so that your baby can latch on easily! Wish I knew that beforehand so don’t forget to take the pump with you to the hospital. Best part of it? Sign up for emails through bed bath and beyond and you’ll get 20% off! It is one of the best things I’ve spent my money on, and I still use it everyday to up the amount of milk I am making, and to give me a break from feeding sometimes!

-Avent soothie pacifier

Her favorite. She puts herself to sleep with this pacifier! Lifesaver!

These are my absolute must haves! Everything else has been just okay. Hope this helps any new mommys to be!

One Response to “New Mommy Must Haves”

  1. journeyformybaby February 10, 2014 at 5:58 am #

    I second that pump!! Awesome!

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