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2 Months!

6 Mar

Every post begins the same way lately, it’s been so long! Lol I’m sorry ladies, it’s always crazy hectic, and I think my daily anxieties don’t make it any better for me, but slowly and surely I’m getting used to motherhood. I don’t even remember what the last update was, so I’ll just let you know how things have been going. Faye is doing great size wise. Last appointment she was a bit over 11 pounds, and still is growing wonderfully. She’s a big girl, and is already almost out of her 3 month old clothes. In the past few weeks she has started smiling at us, recognizing her daddy and I in between the rest of his family. When it’s me and someone else in the room, she looks at me, and I must say that makes me very happy ☺️ especially since I’m her mommy and do everything for her! Yay finally paying off. She has started saying aghoo and cooing and talking, and she actually makes me laugh because a lot of times she will yell at us. What a tough little girl. I’m pretty sure that will cause me stress in the future, but I just love that I’ve got a tough little one. I mean it’s so obvious though, her embryo stood out from the rest, she survived our little hit incident when she was a few months in my belly, and truly, she’s nothing but a fighter. I’m a proud mommy. We’ve still had some slight issues with constipation, and cradle cap. She’s had dry skin and sweet rash, she’s a hot little one! She’s gets fussy and hot really easily, and hates being warm. She did get sick with a cold virus last week, and is still in the process of getting over it, and she has also passed it along to daddy and I. It happened right before her vaccination schedule on the 2nd of March, on my birthday and since she was sick we decided to wait until she got better to vaccinate. We still haven’t. Unfortunately, I received word two days ago that there have been issues with the vaccines here, that they have found a higher amount than normal mercury in them and they have them put on hold. I believe it is a form of a blessing that she got sick so we can get to the bottom of it, even though at the time I was so upset. I was worried it being her first virus, and it’s a tough one. I’m not sure what we will do now, and there’s quite a possibility that we will wait until we travel to the states to give her the vaccinations. Problems arising are, traveling without the vaccines and not knowing who has what on the plane. Having her take the vaccinations at 3 months, when she also has 4 month vaccinations, and them being too close together in time. I still have no idea what to do, your personal opinions would be much much appreciated!


This picture was taken on my birthday. We are still trying to have a normal schedule, but it’s still difficult, changing within a few hours back and forth everyday. It all depends on her fussiness and eating that particular day. I hope that within two weeks we can have a standard schedule that she can go by everyday to make life easier and make going out less of a hassle. She still sleeps through the night, wakes up and plays, go back to sleep, wakes up to eat, usually a three hour gap in between, but at around 5-8 she wants to feed almost every hour, and I just don’t understand it. She would have just finished feeding as usual, and starts crying uncontrollably for milk. Has anyone else had that? This is the only time that is throwing off the entire schedule for us and I’m not sure how to fix it. When I push her to wait it becomes a torturous war between us, and in the end I feel really bad, and usually end up giving in.


She’s not a fan of tummy time, she’s squirms and gets really fussy and upset, but i still try to put her for a few minutes at a time every few days to have her practice. We’re still at my inlaws, and now that I feel like I’m ready to go home and take on the responsibility 100%, they requested that we stay atleast one more month. I have no problem with that. Infact I think things are easier here for both of us, but at the same time with my OCD and anxiety, I need my home the way I set it all up. I want her things where I had prepared them. I want to have my place organized the way I love, and there are positives and negatives to both places for sure. We plan on traveling to dc in April, but I’m thinking maybe one and a half more weeks or so and well head back, it’s only about time. They are also spoiling her more than I want, picking her up as soon as she cries, and I feel awkward letting her cry a bit because they think I’m torturing her haha. They don’t really believe in helping the baby learn to soothe themselves to sleep, and now she’s starting to be really high maintenance. I need to gain control over that situation again before it becomes out of control.

As for my recovery, c section incision is much better. Not visible of wearing a bathing suite, but the belly is still there. I look about 2 months and a half pregnant. I have about 10 more pounds to lose to at least fit into my pre pregnancy pants, and id love to do that before we go visit because I’m planning a family photo shoot. With that being said, I don’t diet and will not diet, but I will try to watch my junk food munching more often because that’s what’s leading to my weight stability at this stage. There also needs to be some form of work out done to gain back the strength in my tummy muscles, but I’m thinking of waiting until I go visit and take yoga classes there, because here they are ridiculously expensive and not as good.


I hope that within the next few weeks I can hear her laughing while awake (it’s currently only happening when she’s sleeping). I hope I can figure out this vaccine issue, and that her really dry skin can get a little better. I hope that this schedule can be fixed by the time we fly as well, to make our traveling a bit easier. In the meantime, I will leave you all with one last picture