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Almost 5 months old!

21 May

Where has the time gone?! I think I’ve apologized enough times for being so behind, I’m actually just so embarrassed to apologize one more time. But I will, I’m so sorry! It’s been hectic, with traveling to the states and then coming back, it’s been quite am adjustment. We have a good amount to cover, so we’ll start with the little one.
She’s almost 5 months old now! She’s still trying to roll over (hasn’t quite mastered it yet), started taking her pacifier in and out of her mouth (she’s quite fascinated with this one, and loves doing it!). She looooves to sit and chit chat, and hear her cute little voice! She’s still exclusively breastfeeding, and is sleeping a good 5-6 hours, wakes up for a feeding and then goes back to sleep. She’s still sleeping next to us, but we are going to transition her into her crib sometime this month. I’m honestly kind of anxious about it. I’m so used to her being next to me, and being able to check on her anytime I want, and also, her being next to me makes that 6am feeding just so much easier for me, I don’t have to get out of bed and therefore I can just go back to sleep right away. I’m afraid that if I have to get up to feed her, I’ll have a really hard time going back to sleep. But, I know that this is a necessity, so I’m actually excited for her to start using her room finally!!! It’s been such a long process to get her finally to use her room that I worked so hard on decorating and preparing for her. I want to start putting her to sleep without her swaddle blanket soon, but she’s still waking up from her hands and she sits and cries so I don’t think she’s ready yet. We have decided to put off food until 6 months atleast because of allergies. And she’s still suffering from eczema. It’s obvious that it’s from my food, because when I’m able to cut out dairy 100% she heals up after a few weeks. But let’s be honest, it’s so damn difficult to cut it out completely! So unfortunately it’s just a back and forth with that one. Here are some photos




We also had a family photo shoot while we were visiting the states




I feel like life has flown by. I have decided not to go back to work for many reasons, but my main reason is to be home to take care of her. I wish I could go back to working and not feel guilty, but I don’t think I can manage that for a little while. It’s been a really difficult decision for me to make. Sometimes I wish I could be as strong as the other working moms, and be able to get back normally to my old life, but transitions are hard for me, and I think the transition into motherhood has been the most difficult one for me yet. I promise I’ll try not to take as long next time to update, I just kept putting it off because I knew that I was so behind, and was just embarrassed to update so late!