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Miss you friends 

9 Oct

I haven’t updated in so so long. So long is an understatement guys. I apologize for being such a bad blogger and friend (I see you all as my dear friends). There have just been too many changes and life is hectic as usual as you all know. I don’t have much time before I head to bed it’s already 12:15 (way past my bedtime) but since I keep forgetting to write I thought I’d take up the quick chance to at least let you all know how we’ve been. So you guys, I moved overseas back to US last year. My husband got his scholarship to continue his education, and thankfully was accepted somewhere close to our old home. It’s been nice to be back next to my family, but also totally miss kuwait and my in laws. Can I tell you all a secret? Since I’ve moved here and eat clean all organic, my periods have been regular. Like really really regular. To the point that when I went to kuwait this summer over 3 months, my period went haywire again and all outta wack, and when I came back on my healthy clean diet it went back to normal. 28-29 days normal. Never ever ever have I been that normal! I have been such a health advocate since then through my social media to help my friends and family know more about healthy and clean eating. I would be happy to share more of my regimen and what I eat and don’t eat with you guys if you’d like just let me know. I promise to be better and update so much more! Faye is doing amazingly well and healthy, and I am still nursing! It is religious for us to continue breastfeeding until 2 years to help give the baby the best immune system through the mom, so that’s my goal. I’ve never thought that I would get that far. I am happy about it and thankful for that blessing. She’s almost 22 months old, and time is flying. Here are some pictures 🙂