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Embarking On A New Journey

20 Nov

My wonderful WordPress family. I have embarked on a new journey to share my story and how I got healthier from PCOS through diet. Since I will not be writing on this page anymore, I would love for you to follow me onto my new chapter in my life at

You have all been the closest to me throughout this journey, and I can’t imagine not having you share this new one as well. Please follow my posts, and I can then start following you through there, since I’m not sure how to link the profiles to add you. I would love to hear all your honest feedback as well, from all aspects of infertility as well as health. I will not only be discussing PCOS, but I will talk about women’s health in general, food, pregnancy and babies. Everyone will have an avenue to hear something that can benefit them whether they have children or not. Thank you again for always being there for me. Here is a link to my latest post:¬†
Xoxo Zeina