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Take Off

22 Dec

In less than 24 hours ill be headed on a flight back to the States to see my family. Here’s the update on what I will be checking out when I get there- a consultation with my Ob-Gyn. She has never previously treated me for PCOS since I was diagnosed here in Kuwait. I will be interested to see what she tells me about my specific case. I have bought all my fertility treatments today to take back with me incase I do get AF on time, when I will be there. 1 clomid pack and 6 fostimon tubes and about $110 down, I am ready to go. I will possibly be seeing a specialist…I want to see what my doc says first, but I’m really in major need of advice from the most specialized doctor on this since I’m only going back for 2 weeks. I also looked up and emailed an acupuncturist who specializes in treating PCOS- or so I hope. I haven’t heard back yet but I really hope that I can do this because I heard it helps. I also set up appointments with a therapist…I definitely need it after all I’ve been through here all alone. I think my sanity is almost gone from trying to conceive. What hurts the most is that I’m 23 and broken. I know I keep repeating it…but I’m still not over the fact that I have this. I think therapy will help me understand and accept my situation a lot better, and everyone needs to be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally to have a baby. Also, this time will also be jam packed with lots of family and friends time…this is also part of my healing…having my loved ones around me. I will definitely miss the hubs…but I need this…we need this. I need to make sure that I’m getting the best treatment possible with PCOS. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday…and may 2013 be our lucky year ladies…cheers!

Is Organic really the way to go?

8 Dec

Having PCOS makes me wonder, how does this happen all of a sudden to three second generation cousins, where their mothers had no sign of it at all? It really confuses me and makes me wonder if all the hormones that are stuffed in our food have anything to do with it. Ever since I got diagnosed I have become a lot more health conscious, and even more so after failed attempts to ovulate to try and have a baby. I started wondering if I changed even more the food that I’m eating, including healthy snacking and about 10% indulgence in my favorite unhealthy food, will lead me anywhere. I have been eating healthy, trying as best as I can to get more organic food, eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, and just crossing my fingers. It really makes me mad when I think about food now because all of these food companies have just been hurting us for the sake of producing and making money. I would like to know that when I am consciously making a decision to eat healthy, that I might not be actually adding toxins into my body instead of getting better and healthier. I now feel like some of the blame of my PCOS can fall straight onto the food we eat, the non-organic food we eat that is. I was always the anti-healthy girl, the non-gymer and living life on the edge. Life has just done a complete 180 on me and everything My friends used to make fun of me about, has just caught upto me. I don’t know whether its funny or sad. Maybe a little bit of both. Anyways, green-teaing it up, fruiting it up, and vegging it up to see what happens this month.
Think about what you’re eating and putting into your system, you never know you might actually be doing long term damage without realizing..

Sprinkles sprinkles

4 Dec

After a long month and a half of waiting to start my clomid+fostimon, the time has finally come. I got my period yesterday and already started my clomid today. I need all the baby prayers I can get because at this point it’s been too difficult. I’m not really sure what ill do if this fertility treatment doesn’t work. I’m crossing my fingers….

All my love to the women out there trying this month…may this one be your last 🙂