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Body Changes

8 Nov

I’m not sure if any other women have had the same experience as me, but as soon as I got off birth control my body started changing so much which I later found out was due to the PCOD. I think more than anything this change bothers me the most. This is the first time I’ve ever talked about this, outloud or simply writing. I think I’ve been pretty embarrassed about this, and also not really sure how to approach dealing with it. Ever since I stopped my BC, my pelvis has expanded so much. My pelvis area is just constantly bloated as if I am about 3 months pregnant, which always throws me off. Also, I’m having a lot more bloating around my stomach area, which comes and goes(but mostly comes) and my bra size has gone down from a small C to a small B. the whole swollen breasts and bloating around your period time never happens for me anymore, which I used to get while on birth control. I’m kind of choking up writing this, but it’s really difficult when you see your body becoming less feminine and more masculine….how do I deal with that…especially when I’m such a girlie girl? I really pray no other changes happen because I can barely deal with what is happening now…