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Progesterone is my new acquaintance

12 Feb

soo…I went for a follow up the day before yesterday to see how my cyst was and if there were any big enough follicles. The good news is that the cyst is way down! Went from 6cm to 2.5 so the pain is much better..but he didnt see any follicles so he put me on progesterone for 10 days and then well restart after then. He told me that we will most likely do a different medicine with every other day instesd of everyday, but based on that timeline it gives me about 8 days of shots. Only 8 shots? Doesnt seem like it will be enough to make me ovulate but im trying so hard to trust him. I am kind of putting my hopes into march for a proper ovulating cycle. I am almost wanting to email her now to set up an appointment but I dont want to rush it and look stupid. Deep down inside I pray that next month will miraculously work and I wont have to worry about dc except for a follow up. Otherwise keeping busy reading and heading currently to the airport to see my mom who is visiting Qatar so its a nice 2 day break to be with her and a few friends. My birthday is coming up around the time of shots…March 2nd to be exact and im not sure how I feel about that. Its too bittersweet…I was hoping id be pregnant by this birthday, I also wont be around any of my family and friends which sucks, and I will be shooting myself up with fsh at the time. Anywhoo…what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Its funny to think of an fsh shot as my birthday present to myself lol. Life goes on…and a good amount of my fellow bloggers are pregnant and I am so so so happy and excited for them. Cant wait to join the boat with you all. I pray that I only read good and happy blogs for everyone. Keep the eggs comin’!!

Round II FSH

29 Jan

Just had a pretty tough last hour. I started my fsh shots today, and had gone to the clinic to see how I can give it to myself for the next two weeks. This nurse was amazing. So sweet, kind and gentle with me. She showed the hubs how to mix the medication and then suggested I give myself the shot infront of them so that I can learn better. In Kuwait, women don’t give themselves the shots, they go to the hospitals where the nurse gives it to you. I felt that with the amount I’m taking this time I’d rather keep the emotional, mental and physical pain behind closed doors without anyone seeing. Keep it private between my husband and I. Anyways, I did it. I gave myself the shot. I don’t know how, it was emotionally shocking to me but I feel like a stronger woman now. The hubs and the nurse were cheering me on while I was giving it to myself. It really burns, but the good news is that since I’m giving it to myself I can control how much goes in thus how much pain I will endure. Hubs kept telling me how proud he was of me…it’s hard to do this, but I must.
Down side…I’m sick, yet again. This is the second time I get sick while doing fertility shots as if it wasn’t bad enough. Now I have to take antibiotics, hooray!
That is all. So long for a new month. Around the time I find out if this month worked or not, it will be my 24th birthday. I’m hoping for the biggest gift of all ‚̧