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Raw foods & Juicing

22 Jan

A friend through a friend found out that I have problems ovulating so he reached out to me about juicing and a raw diet. He sent me a long email about the benefits of raw juicing and how much that helps the body be able to do what it’s suppose to do. I still do believe that I need treatment, raw foods & juicing won’t be my only solution but I know it will give me a huge boost in getting there. After my own research I really felt that this will be great, he convinced me. I really hope to all the ladies reading this, try organic, raw foods(meaning dont cook your vegetables just eat them raw which is when they are at their highest nutritional levels) and stay away from meat that is processed or filled with hormones. You will feel a huge difference in your energy level as well as your body will be healthy and ready enough for your future baby 🙂

Yoga & Dance

4 Nov

ImageYesterday i went to try a gym in Kuwait that has Pilates, Yoga & Dance classes. I’ve always been a complete advocate for health and working out to improve your body’s natural rhythm. My problem was that everytime i would go to the gym i wouldn’t really know what to do. I would stand and stare at all the different equipment in confusion about where to start and what to do. I thought that this place would be awesome, i would be able to get a great workout in without actually feeling like im working out. The yoga class worked me out to the bone, stretched me out more than i needed to and made me feel a little more whole. I then entered the dance class. Every girl that stood there looked like she was trying to work out her body and lose some weight here and there while i was the stick girl that walked in. Everyone was looking at me like why am i here exactly? I know i don’t need to lose weight, but my problems stem so much deeper. While they gave me weird looks, i stood feeling even more out of place. Their ovaries probably work. How much i envy them for that. If they only knew…

The Maldives + Clomid

3 Nov

My husband and I decided to take a short trip to the Maldives for a few days. It should fall around the time of my ovulation. He said it would be our lucky month. This is it he said; let’s conceive our baby in the Maldives. It sounded amazing to me. He said this time felt different for him, and even though I didn’t say it, it felt a little different for me too. I kept those few words to myself because I didn’t want us to both get so excited and then be heartbroken all over again. I didn’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to ovulate this month. So I had my hopes up that not only will I ovulate this month, but that miraculously his little guys would find their way to my struggling egg and voila!

It’s been a relaxing few days in the Maldives. Trying to not be cooped up in our hut from the storm that passed by for 2 days. When I am stuck inside all I think about it my bloody unfertile body. My failure. My heartache. I’m trying not to stress about this because I know it won’t help. I need to get out and smell the ocean air, feel the breeze pass through me; put my feet into the ocean water. Ocean water soothes me, I feel like it has healing powers. Just putting my feet in by themselves makes me feel better. As if that salt water is taking away all the toxins in my body. What is it exactly? Is my PCOD a toxin? A disease? A syndrome? Does it even matter anyway?

A stork has been following me around the island. I can’t help but smile every time I see it because it makes me think back on those days when we were little kids and thought that a stork brings your baby to your doorstep. I secretly created this wonderful fantasy as if I’m still a little girl and the stork will bring me my baby one of these mornings. Isn’t it nice to look back and remember those innocent times of when we thought life was so simple and easy? Before I knew that I would be dealing with the biggest failure of my life. My womb. I called him George. The first time we met was our first morning there. I grabbed my coffee, some biscuits and walked outside to enjoy the sunrise while my husband slept inside. I was just about done taking in the wonderful morning, opening the sliding door to go on and “whiff” he flew by and stood right on our private staircase. I was amazed. He was so big and so beautiful. I ran inside to grab my camera. I just had to take a picture of this beauty. I didn’t know that this would be the beginning of the many times I would run into him. He became my friend that I spot every morning while I’m walking around the island or simply sitting on the staircase. The first soothing concept of a baby to me. I really kept thinking this must be our lucky month.

I had done some research while there on certain things that can help your egg production. One of the things I kept running into is a specific diet. One article I read said eat healthy foods, grains, no sugars and as much organic as you can. I then would tell my husband that I found a helpful diet that I should stick to and hopefully it will help. Then the next day I find another article that says I should completely stay away from wheat…but I thought that’s what was supposed to be healthy? I got confused from all the different options and suggestions so I completely just stopped carbs as much as I could since that was the only thing that kept repeating