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24 Feb

I had my appointment about two hours ago and I must tell you it made my day. The cyst is barely there and the doctor said that we are ready to go for this next cycle! I am super excited to just be over this nightmare simply put. This cyst was just horrible to deal with and very painful. I am ready to move onto trying a new cycle…praying its the one that I ovulate in finally…after 9 months of not ovulating, I am ready to just have one regular cycle. I am doing follistrop once I get my period every other day for about 4 shots until I go back to see him for a check up. AF please come!! I beg of you I need you to start so I can have some happiness back in my life!

Progesterone Test

18 Dec

Im having a problem because i woke uo bright and early today to go do my progesterone test…you know the one i couldnt sleep yesterday because of. When i asked the lab how long it will take to get the results they said 3 days. 3 whole $//@^@&!^ days!!!! I vowed i wouldnt do a pregnancy test until i found out if i ovulated or not…and now this has put my hope more on hold. I saw a tiny bit of spotting yesterday and i had cramps before, but for some reason i keep reminding myself that its probably just all in my head. All my symptoms arent real…i did not even ovulate. Excrutiating has just become torturous. Sigh.

Is Organic really the way to go?

8 Dec

Having PCOS makes me wonder, how does this happen all of a sudden to three second generation cousins, where their mothers had no sign of it at all? It really confuses me and makes me wonder if all the hormones that are stuffed in our food have anything to do with it. Ever since I got diagnosed I have become a lot more health conscious, and even more so after failed attempts to ovulate to try and have a baby. I started wondering if I changed even more the food that I’m eating, including healthy snacking and about 10% indulgence in my favorite unhealthy food, will lead me anywhere. I have been eating healthy, trying as best as I can to get more organic food, eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, and just crossing my fingers. It really makes me mad when I think about food now because all of these food companies have just been hurting us for the sake of producing and making money. I would like to know that when I am consciously making a decision to eat healthy, that I might not be actually adding toxins into my body instead of getting better and healthier. I now feel like some of the blame of my PCOS can fall straight onto the food we eat, the non-organic food we eat that is. I was always the anti-healthy girl, the non-gymer and living life on the edge. Life has just done a complete 180 on me and everything My friends used to make fun of me about, has just caught upto me. I don’t know whether its funny or sad. Maybe a little bit of both. Anyways, green-teaing it up, fruiting it up, and vegging it up to see what happens this month.
Think about what you’re eating and putting into your system, you never know you might actually be doing long term damage without realizing..