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Raw foods & Juicing

22 Jan

A friend through a friend found out that I have problems ovulating so he reached out to me about juicing and a raw diet. He sent me a long email about the benefits of raw juicing and how much that helps the body be able to do what it’s suppose to do. I still do believe that I need treatment, raw foods & juicing won’t be my only solution but I know it will give me a huge boost in getting there. After my own research I really felt that this will be great, he convinced me. I really hope to all the ladies reading this, try organic, raw foods(meaning dont cook your vegetables just eat them raw which is when they are at their highest nutritional levels) and stay away from meat that is processed or filled with hormones. You will feel a huge difference in your energy level as well as your body will be healthy and ready enough for your future baby 🙂