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Ready for Retrieval

19 Apr

So ladies…finally my 40 follicles are ready to be harvested. I have about 10-15 fully grown follicles and the rest are smaller ones that are just basically taking up space and killing me in the process. I woke up this morning with such bad pain from my swollen ovaries I couldn’t move, walk properly, use the restroom or anything. Also, stomach cramps don’t help either. Nerves? Medication? My body has gone into shock? Who knows! My nurse called me today two hours after my ultrasound, which I must say was much earlier than they usually do…and told me that instead of just a lupron trigger they want me to do a dual trigger of lupron and HCG. What to do? I don’t have HCG, just lupron so I had to get in the car with the hubby and drive all the way back to Maryland during rush hour times to buy it incase I will need it. Needless to say as we were getting off our exit to my parents house they called to tell me that I will only be taking lupron by itself. My estrogen was 5,500. OHSS? Hello, welcome to my lovely ovaries.
I am honestly exhausted. Now, I will be doing the transfer the day the hubs leaves (at least hell be there). But this medication wears you out. After 30+ injections…I wouldn’t like to see another needle in my life again! Tired…exhausted…in pain…tired, tired, tired is basically how I feel. Ready for Sunday…hopefully Lupron does the trick! šŸ˜Š