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Endometrial Biopsy

8 Jan

Here’s my issue- being ripped apart from my insides to be told that I didn’t ovulate. Well, no shit Sherlock I’ve been repeating the same story for the past 6 months. My progesterone tests say it, my lack of period says it, and my other doctors say it. It made me realize my gynecologist here has no idea what she’s dealing with. I get that it’s good to do extra tests as precautions and all, but I really dislike being told that without this biopsy they can’t help me with anything, gave me hell to do it for me since I only had a two day vault to get it done in, and then in the end just reaching this simple conclusion. Even my fertility specialist didn’t think it was necessary to get it done. I’m just mad cuz it hurt…it hurt like a bitch. Has anyone else ever done an endometrial biopsy? I also got it done the same day as my septoplasty which made matters even worse, as if I wasn’t going to be in enough pain on my own right? Either way, what a half waste of my time and pain. I hope no one else has to ever get one. She said it would feel like a really bad cramp…what it actually felt like was a dagger litterly ripping my insides apart…I almost had a heart attack. Either way, here I am with the same conclusion I came with. Waiting on more technical tests to come back this week or the next and then heading back to Kuwait to hopefully start new rounds of treatment. It’s a new year…I’m looking at it just like a new beginning.