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8 Mar

Yesterday I went and basically cut off all of my hair, mainly to liberate myself from the anxiety I’ve had over 7 years with my hair fall out. When my hair started falling out 7 years ago there were no medical reasons other than ‘stress’ and with having very thin hair naturally, you can tell why that really affected me. I started being envious of every girl with long hair, I really wished that’s all I had. Ofcourse after being diagnosed, I realized that was the culprit of my hair fallout. Since I started treatment, the doctors told me you might lose more hair. That was tough for me. I had some hair fallout until recently, it started falling out a lot. I then realized that I must just liberate myself from this traumatizing experience that I go through every time I keep seeing hair fallout. Yesterday as I was sitting down…the amount of hair that was falling out made me just get up and go do it. Since I’ve always strived for long hair, I never cut my hair short..and whenever I trimmed my hair I would cry because I would be growing it for so long. I won’t keep doing this anymore to myself. For women, I feel like a lot of times when we feel frustrated the first thing we do is change our hair, feelin like it might have some literal effect on our lives. I went and cut it…to start a new beginning. I may never have the hair I’ve always wanted…but I can control how much I am affected by what is happening. This way, I will not let it haunt me everytime I see a long strand fall out.