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17 Jan

Why haven’t I ever read about PCOS in all the popular magazines? I’ve never picked up every single issue of every magazine, but i have my wide share of magazines that I pick up every few months or so. I read about so many moving stories that really she’s light on issues affecting women and society as a whole, but I’ve never come across one about PCOS. Why is this such a hush hush topic? Why haven’t I ever read anything about it? You would think it would have affected enough people by now that someone would have come out talking about it. Why haven’t celebrities come out about their own PCOS, and why haven’t we written to big magazines with our stories? I’m just baffled, because I feel like if I had read something about it I might have had a better idea of A)what I’m dealing with when I got diagnosed or B)atleast had a hint about this silent disease that we mainly find out about once were trying to get pregnant. Someone explain to me why PCOS is still so silent?! Even in our world that is full of ways communication!